About Us

At Light Dude, we are serious divers and make serious lights. At home in caves or on a deep wrecks, our team uses our products first to ensure they perform exceptionally and last.

Innovation is a key part of our design approach, and we do not believe in selling something just to make a few bucks. Doing it smarter, better and stronger is what we strive for. We are proud to be an American company, and manufacture all of our lights in the United States.

Our team is an eclectic one, brought together by our mutual passion for diving and commitment to excellence.


Bobby Franklin

Head Light Dude

As the head of our team, Bobby is the driving force behind Light Dude and responsible for everything that the organization does. He’s committed to excellence and quality, both in his diving and the products and service we deliver.

With extensive experience in deep cave and wreck diving, Bobby is well known to many around the Florida caves. His passion for cave diving is clear in his involvement in the community, willingness to share knowledge/skill, and contributions he’s made to numerous exploration projects over the years.


Xenia Mountrouidou

Mad Scientist

With a PhD in Computer Science, Dr X is a professor by day and at night keeps Bobby from spending all of his time working on new designs so that lights also get built. If you know Bobby this gives her 3 full time jobs.

As an accomplished cave diver, Dr X has certainly put in her time in the dark. With years of cave diving behind her, she’s often found in North Florida doing what she loves. She also volunteers her expertise to the NFSA by maintaining their website.


Adam Miller

Design Guru

Fire fighter by day, and design guru by night. Adam is our go to guy when it comes to anything computer aided design. His vast knowledge and experience in this field help us rapidly turn prototype into product.

Between his cave diving and fire fighting exploits, Adam knows a thing or two about needing reliable gear. He factors this into our design approach, and helps us innovate at each turn.


Damien Siviero

Photo & Video Dude

As a professional photographer, Damien has a life that many dream about. He travels the world, diving everything from caves in the Yucatan to the shipwrecks of historic wrecks of Bikini Atoll. He’s an accomplished cave diver, has many wreck discoveries to his name, and is an International Fellow of the Explorers Club.

Damien offers a unique perspective on product design, and is often the first to subject our prototypes to real world abuse on various exploration projects. With a background in software & electrical engineering, he’s also a handy guy to have on the team.