Air Travel with Lithium

All lights manufactured by UW Light Dude to date are within commercial airline limits for safe travel with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.

Product Information


  • Our current products are UN/DOT 38.3 IATA Lithium Travel Safe Certified
  • We have 3 sizes of battery, each included certified batteries with the following specs:
  • Mini (1x) – 52.2whr, 18v 2.9Ah (well under the no-approval required 100wh limit for portable electronic devices)
  • Short (2x) – 104.4whr, 18v 5.8Ah (well under the 160wh limit approved by airlines)
  • Tall (3x) – 156.6whr, 18v 8.7Ah (below the 160wh limit approved by airlines)
  • By standard airline rules, our batteries are permitted as carry-on or checked luggage


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