Battery & Power for Nerds

Battery-Nerd-winkOn occasion we’ve been accused of being light nerds – watt this and amperage that. Be proud, embrace your advanced evolution and get the specs you want.

Battery Cells & Voltage

Our lights use high quality Japanese lithium-ion cells. Each cells is nominal 3.7v, and wired in a 5-series configuration to deliver an 18.5v pack. The packs are protected with the following characteristics:

  • Over Charge Protection: 4.2v per cell
  • Over Discharge Protection: 3.0v per cell
  • Charging Rate: 2.0A Standard
  • Discharge Rate: 10A Mini, 20A Short, 30A Tall Max (Limited by polyswitch(s))


Our current of packs use the most reliable Panasonic cells with a capacity rating of 2900mah. We offer three sizes of battery packs:

  • Mini: 54wh, 18.5v 2.9Ah (5S1P)
  • Short: 107wh, 18.5v 5.8Ah (5s2P)
  • Tall: 160wh; 18.5v 8.7Ah (5S3P)

Power Draw & Wattage

Whilst we don’t rate our lights in watts because it doesn’t reflect how much light they output, here are the numbers for your own interest and calculations.

  • LD-15: 15W (High), 10w (Medium), 5w (Low)
  • LD-26: 20w (High), 10w (Medium), 5w (Low)
  • LD-35: 30w (High), 15w (Meidum), 5w (Low)
  • LD-60V: 45w (High), 22W (Medium), 5w (Low)

Optimized Configuration

Why not use a 12v solution? Because 12v is purely a legacy from lead-acid and nickle pack days. Attempting to achieve a 12v with lithium technology is both unnecessarily complex and inefficient, or barely 12v which some manufacturers passing off 11.1v (3 Cell) lithium as 12v compatible. Our 18.5v packs offers ample voltage headroom for primary lights, and offer a higher starting voltage for boosted solutions (such as our video lights).  The higher battery voltage also means lower current draw on the cells, meaning longer burn time and increased life expectancy.

Certified for Safe Transportation

Untitled-1All UW Light Dude battery packs shipped after 18th November 2014 are certified to meet the IATA UN/DOT 38.3 Standard for the Safe Transportation (including air travel) of lithium batteries. The certification is a mandatory for transportation of lithium batteries as of 6th February 2015.

All historic UW Light Dude battery packs are TSA compliant for air travel. Our packs have the following equivalent lithium content:

  • Standard: 96whr, 8 grams ELC TSA compliant for air travel
  • Tall: 144whr; 12 grams ELC TSA compliant for air travel