New Battery Canister Design

Announcing the release and availability of our all new battery canister design. Redesigned from the ground up, the innovative solution eliminates spring latches and delivers our Sealed External Charging System (SECS). We know our  5th Generation (Gen5) product offering will be popular; we have been using it ourselves! See the new features below. No More […]

Deep Reef

Underwater Video Lights 101

Not all lights are created equal, video lights make this point real clear. Lumen output, beam pattern and beam angle are by far your biggest variables, but let’s not forget size and weight. Dragging a heavy camera rig around underwater can be a major pain, and don’t even get me started on commercial air travel. […]


Wreck Hunting in Australia

We are cave divers; I’m guessing you know that? What you may not know, is that we’re also serious about shipwrecks. Our Aussie light dude, Damien Siviero, lives in Sydney and whilst they don’t have many caves in that part of the world – they do have wrecks! In similar conditions to the North East, […]


Field Testing – Mexico Caves

Let it be well known that we sacrifice our time and money in the pursuit of ever increasing quality and performance. Damien kindly shared some images of a recent trip to Mexico, where he and gracious model David Wood hit the caves pretty hard. Damien says "...I shot mostly still photos on the trip, however we [...]