Beam Comparison

The following video is a simple light comparison conducted by Light Dude personnel. It aims to compare lights commonly available in the marketplace against our own products line. We did not intend to compare every light on the market, and tested what was readily available to us.

A swim test was conducted for each light in a completely blackened cave (Jackson Blue – Florida). Each test run consisted of swimming aware from and then back to the camera (along the gold line), which was handheld from a fixed position. Cookies were used to mark the turn around and signal points along the run. The swim speed and signal sweets were replicated by our test diver on a best efforts basis. A completely manual and constant exposure setting was used on out camera for each test.

We believe the test was conducted fairly and invite other manufacturers to conduct similar tests, and/or comment on our testing procedure or results (we will publish comments on our website). We are also more than willing to product our products to other manufacturers to conduct similar tests in the future.


Long distance buddies light identification


Beam angle at distance