New Product: Heat Controller

Announcing the release and immediate availability of our new Heat Controller, enabling heating solutions to be powered using our full range ofHeating1 certified battery canisters. Our controllers leverages the reliable and efficient technology of our light systems, to deliver a truly innovative solution for cold water divers.

One of the biggest issues with current heated systems is the diminishing heat output as battery life dwindles. The UW Light Dude heat controller’s innovative design offers functionality for a wide range of diving that requires heated undergarments and addresses the need for warmth when you need it most – longer duration dives.

There are 5 power settings and each setting gives the same heat output regardless of the battery voltage. Research has shown that cooling on the ascent/decompression portion of the dive has a negative affect on decompression. Dr. Neal Pollock, from DAN, has summarized a number of studies that make this point, he has 2 YouTube broadcasts covering this information. Broadcast 1, Broadcast 2. Optimal for decompression is to be cool on the descent/bottom portion of the dive and warm on the ascent/decompression part of the dive. Other systems cool off when the voltage drops from the battery canister the heat output also drops. Our 5 heat settings are spaced to give heat output from -3c to 20c (23F° — 68°F ) water.

The controller comes standard with a UWLD Stack Cap allowing it to be used as a single on a battery, with the included blanking cap, or with a UWLD light canister cap stacked on top of the stack cap. Our other caps are available as well.

The controller has a Piezo switch that has an LED built into the switch. The LED indicator shows power on/off as well as the current heat level. When power is first applied to the unit, the LED will light, indicating to the diver that it is functioning, then will shut off. Power is turned on/off by pressing and holding the Piezo switch. When the unit is turned on, it starts on level 5, the highest level, with the LED staying constantly on. A quick press and release moves to the lowest level which is 1, the LED will flash once, have a delay, then flash once again in a cycle. Each press and release moves the heat up one level with more flashes for each level until reaching level 5 which is again constant on.

There is a cord coming from the stack cap to the controller which has a bolt snap to attach it to a shoulder D-ring. There is a second cord coming from the controller with a diving style E/O cord to plug into the divers dry suit heating E/O connection. The controller can’t be used with other manufacturer’s lights that have E/O cords. Plugging a light into our controller will damage the light. We don’t provide E/O for our lights eliminating the possibility of plugging our controller into our lights accidentally.Heating2

The controller works with both 12v & 7v undergarments. Changing between the two voltages is user programmable. To program them simply apply power to the unit while pressing and holding the Piezo switch. The LED will flash multiple times showing that it is in program mode, then will either have a constant lit LED if set at 12v (setting from the factory) or off if set at 7v. Press and release the Piezo to cycle between either 12 or 7v then press and hold to exit program mode. The LED will again flash multiple times to show that it has accepted the new setting and exited program mode. The controller will now function normally at whichever voltage was chosen. Mixing different voltage undergarments, such as having a 12v vest and 7v gloves, will not function properly and could cause damage to the undergarments or the diver.

The most common voltage for battery packs from other manufacturers is 11.1v Li-ION. With a 12v vest the best these packs performance will give heat output of 90% at a full charge. The end of their output will only produce 75% heat output. Our controller gives just above the rated wattage of the undergarment on the highest setting regardless of battery charge condition & maintains constant heat  on any of the 5 settings.

The controller retails for $695 without a battery pack and can be used on our current Gen5 canisters.

Main Features

  • Constant heat output from start to finish of battery
    • Heat does not decrease with battery level; very important for optimal decompression
  • 5 heat levels for range of comfort in water of -3c to 20c (23F° – 68°F)
  • Piezo switch control for both on/off & changing heat levels
    • Eliminates the high failure rate of boot switches
    • Mechanical switch does not have to be toggled to adjust levels
  • LED indicator for power on/off & heat level setting
  • Can be used independently or with lights on the same battery
  • User switchable between 12v (default) & 7v control
  • Small, compact & light weight design


  • Compatible with all UWLD Gen5 battery packs
  • Comes standard with the stack cap for the Gen5 battery
  • Stack cap allows the controller to be added or removed with ease
  • Industry standard wetmate E/O connection
  • Supports either 12v or 7v undergarments at a time; no mixed support
  • Incompatible with lights heads run downstream of the controller
  • Incompatible with non-UWLD battery canisters

The Science

  • Research has shown optimal decompression occurs when warm
  • The body may be cool on descent, but should be warm on ascent
  • Dr. Neal Pollock from DAN discusses Thermal Physiology and how temperature effects decompression in Broadcast 1  &Broadcast 2
    • Warm is 36C (96°F) | Cool is 27C (81°F)
  • Being warm at the beginning of the dive increases the uptake of inert gas
    • Being cold at decompression confounds decompression


  • Leverage existing investment in light and batteries
  • Advanced technology ensures consistent heat at the most crucial time, the end of the dive. Traditional solutions offer only 75% of heat at bottom low end of the battery.
  • User Programmable – compatible with traditional 12V and new 7v undergarments.
  • Double O-Ring Seal
  • LED feedback removes guessing of set heat levels

Battery Burn Time

  • The controller runs slightly above undergarments rated wattage on high
  • To calculate burn times, UWLD suggest that 110% of wattage be used. If a diver has a 60W vest, they should calculate burn time for 66W for the high setting.
  • Each level drops the power consumption by 20%; for a 60w vest: Level 4 = 53W; Level 3 = 40w, Level 2 = 26.5W, and Level 1 = 13W.
  • With a light, add the light and vest wattage then divide by canister rating:
    • 30W (LD-35) + 60W vest(X 110%)= 96W /160Wh (canister rating)
      • Both on high yields 1.66 hours on a tall canister
      • Light on high, vest on low yields 3.7 hours on a tall canister