Heating Solutions

A smarter way to stay warm on your dive.

5 Power Levels

Select from 5 power levels to control comfort and burn time.

Constant Temperature

Innovative design ensures constant heat levels across battery duration.

Integrated or Stand Alone

Share you light power source, or run it independently.

Highly Efficient

Highly efficient design ensures that no battery power goes to waste.

Piezo Button Control

Oversized piezo button ensures reliable control with dry gloves.

LED Power Indicator

Power level is indicated by a piezo integrated LED signal.

Using a heating solution

Heating solutions are a simple and effective way to stay warm in cold water or on long dives. In conjunction with effective thermal undergarments, they enable a diver to manage thermal capacity and therefore optimise decompression.

One problem with traditional heated vested battery setups, is that as the battery runs down, so does the voltage in the battery. This means that at the end of the dive, when you need heating the most, your vest will be at the coolest temperature.

Leveraging the higher voltage of Light Dude batteries, as well as our heat controller with variable power output, you can maintain a constant temperature to the end of your dive, or even turn it up at the end!

Integrated Solution

Stack your heating controller onto your primary light battery.

Stack your heating solution into a primary light battery, delivery a low profile and/or low cost heating solution.

Vest Compatibility

Our heat controller is compatible with traditional 12 volt vests.

Use your current vest (12v or 7v) solution, or purchase one of our high quality, but very economic 12v heating vests.

Inflation Valve

Get power into your drysuit via an integrated inflator/power cable solution.

The easiest way to get power into your drysuit is to swap out your inflator for an integrated inflation valve.