Is Your Battery Certified Safe?

LithiumFireWe strive to make the best lights on the planet, period. By best, we also mean safest. We are proud to announce that our battery packs have been independently certified against the soon to be mandatory UN/DOT 38.3 Standard for Transport of Lithium Batteries. Basically, this standard has come in on the back of numerous airliner fires caused by poor quality lithium battery packs.

Why is this important?

Simple answer, so you don’t burn down your house. Oh, and as of 6th February 2015, the certification is mandatory if you want to transport lithium batteries.

The official answer is that if not properly protected and packaged, lithium cells increase the risk of fire. The UN/DOT 38.3 testing ensures that our batteries and their packaging (ie. our canisters), will not be adversely affected by electrical, mechanical or environmental conditions. Basically, they’re saying our packs won’t burn down your house.

What does this really mean for me?

It means that when you have an UWLD battery pack, you know that it’s safe! It also means when you transport your light (including air travel), that is has been certified to both US DOT and United Nations standards. The next time you get hassled by TSA guy on a power trip, feel free to throw that in his face!

What makes our packs better?

batteryCustom engineering from the ground up. We selected the best Panasonic cell, configured them in an optimal way for our LED technology, and delivered them in a form factor that is as small and dense as possible (in fact, only 2.6” diameter).

Professionalism is key to everything we build, and our packs are no exception. We pay more to have the cells assembled by professional battery dudes that test every pack they build for us, and the Protection Circuit Modules (PCM) in the packs have been custom designed for our high-current requirements by you guessed it, professional electrical engineers.

Close enough, just is not good enough for us.