Product information

Innovative Design

We started with a blank CAD sheet to design our lights from the ground up. Every component has been scrutinized for durability, reliability, & performance. Here are a few components that are manufactured to our specifications because “off the shelf” & “good enough” are no acceptable.

  • Piezo switch
  • Optics
  • LED driver
  • LED’s PCB board
  • Battery cell configuration
  • Battery PCB protection
  • SECS (Sealed Exterior Charging System)
  • All wire connections are soldered

Light Head Design

  • Front glass double seal, top o-ring seals as well as lower for redundancy
  • Small compact design saving weight and size
  • Heat sinking to optimize performace
  • Custom Piezo switch for one button control
  • Multiple light settings to meet different conditions
  • Hard anodizing for durability

SECS & Batteries

  • SECS (Sealed Exterior Charging System) allows charging of the batteries without removing the canister cap
  • Panasonic, best Li-ION cells
  • 3 battery sizes to meet various diver requirements
  • Redundant PCB’s on short and tall battery canisters
  • 316 SS SECS charging ports in canisters
  • Efficient Light Dude designed control boards

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