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Plug it into your heating vest, and it keeps you toasty warm. It’s that simple.

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Product Description

One of the biggest issues with current heated systems is the diminishing heat output as battery life dwindles. The UW Light Dude heat controller’s innovative design offers functionality for a wide range of diving that requires heated undergarments and addresses the need for warmth when you need it most – longer duration dives.

There are 5 power settings and each setting gives the same heat output regardless of the battery voltage. Research has shown that cooling on the ascent/decompression portion of the dive has a negative affect on decompression. Dr. Neal Pollock, from DAN, has summarized a number of studies that make this point, he has 2 YouTube broadcasts covering this information. Broadcast 1, Broadcast 2. Optimal for decompression is to be cool on the descent/bottom portion of the dive and warm on the ascent/decompression part of the dive. Other systems cool off when the voltage drops from the battery canister the heat output also drops. Our 5 heat settings are spaced to give heat output from -3c to 20c (23F° — 68°F ) water.

The controller comes standard with a UWLD Stack Cap allowing it to be used as a single on a battery, with the included blanking cap, or with a UWLD light canister cap stacked on top of the stack cap. Our other caps are available as well.

Additional Information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 3 x 2.5 in
Canister Cap Style

Side Gland, Top Gland, Stack Cap