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Heating Solution

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Heat Controller

Plug it into your heating vest, and it keeps you toasty warm. It's that simple.


Battery Kit

Battery kit includes choice of battery with mounting hardware, charging base, and charger.


Heating Vest – optional

Runs @ 35w creating 50c of heat. Very efficient resulting in longer run times compared to other vests using the same battery.

Carbon infused panels are not damaged from flexing. Vest is not water proof and can be damaged if used in a wet environment.


Drysuit Inflation Valve – optional

Si Tech Vega inflation valve with E/O cable for heating systems. Both ports are swiveling for optimized equipment configuration.VEGA Inflation Valve fits all SI TECH Valve ports and comes with an anti-friction washer and nipple cover.

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Product Description

Main Features

  • Constant heat output from start to finish of battery
    • Heat does not decrease with battery level; very important for optimal decompression
  • 5 heat levels for range of comfort in water of -3c to 20c (23F° – 68°F)
  • Piezo switch control for both on/off & changing heat levels
    • Eliminates the high failure rate of boot switches
    • Mechanical switch does not have to be toggled to adjust levels
  • LED indicator for power on/off & heat level setting
  • Can be used independently or with lights on the same battery
  • User switchable between 12v (default) & 7v control
  • Small, compact & light weight design


  • Compatible with all UWLD Gen5 battery packs
  • Comes standard with the stack cap for the Gen5 battery
  • Stack cap allows the controller to be added or removed with ease
  • Industry standard wetmate E/O connection
  • Supports either 12v or 7v undergarments at a time; no mixed support
  • Incompatible with lights heads run downstream of the controller
  • Incompatible with non-UWLD battery canisters

The Science

  • Research has shown optimal decompression occurs when warm
  • The body may be cool on descent, but should be warm on ascent
  • Dr. Neal Pollock from DAN discusses Thermal Physiology and how temperature effects decompression in Broadcast 1  &Broadcast 2
    • Warm is 36C (96°F) | Cool is 27C (81°F)
  • Being warm at the beginning of the dive increases the uptake of inert gas
    • Being cold at decompression confounds decompression


  • Leverage existing investment in light and batteries
  • Advanced technology ensures consistent heat at the most crucial time, the end of the dive. Traditional solutions offer only 75% of heat at bottom low end of the battery.
  • User Programmable – compatible with traditional 12V and new 7v undergarments.
  • Double O-Ring Seal
  • LED feedback removes guessing of set heat levels

Battery Burn Time

  • The controller runs slightly above undergarments rated wattage on high
  • To calculate burn times, UWLD suggest that 110% of wattage be used. If a diver has a 60W vest, they should calculate burn time for 66W for the high setting.
  • Each level drops the power consumption by 20%; for a 60w vest: Level 4 = 53W; Level 3 = 40w, Level 2 = 26.5W, and Level 1 = 13W.
  • With a light, add the light and vest wattage then divide by canister rating:
    • 30W (LD-35) + 60W vest(X 110%)= 96W /160Wh (canister rating)
      • Both on high yields 1.66 hours on a tall canister
      • Light on high, vest on low yields 3.7 hours on a tall canister
View our heating solution page for detailed information

Additional Information

Heat Controller

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 3 x 2.5 in
Canister Cap Style

Side Gland, Top Gland, Stack Cap

Battery Kit

Battery Size

054 (Mini), 107 (Short), 160 (Tall), None

Heating Vest

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 13 x 10 x 4 in
Vest Size

X-Small (34-36), Small (37-39), Medium (40-42), Large (43-46), X-Large (48-51), XX-Large (52-55), XXX-Large (60-59)