Stack Cap w/ Side Gland Cap
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Stack Canister Cap


Our stacked cap allows multiple light heads to be powered by a single battery canister. Available as a new option or retrofit.


Product Description

  • Allows multiple light heads to be stacked onto one battery canister
  • Available as:
  • An option to new light heads; or
  • A retro to earlier models
  • Requires Gen5 latchless canister system
  • Modular design; stack multiple lids on top of each other
  • Stacked insert available in side gland only, however can be used in conjunction with top or side glands at terminating end
  • For standalone use, each stack cap system comes with a blank terminating cap, allowing the wired light head to be used by itself
  • 200m/600ft depth rating
  • Example Config: Standard LD-35 Side Gland /w stacked LD-60V or LD-130V cabled video light. Customer has the option to add or remove the LD-60V for particular dives


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