Our Electronics

We keep things simple, with ON/OFF function a matter of one button, one touch. We’ve left old school design behind, so you won’t find a twisty head, problematic boot toggle switch or gluggy dynamic o-rings anywhere near our lights.

A matter of one button, one touch…if you can reach the head, you have control.

One Button

Piezo_transAll of our lights have one button, which is mounted on the head of easy access. No more dislocating a shoulder trying to reach a boot switch, or being forced to mount your canister in the “right” position.  Turn your light ON/OFF at any time; before, during or after a dive. You have total freedom to do what you want; – if you can reach the button on the head, you have control.

The button itself is very cool – it’s non-mechanical and completely sealed, so there is nothing to leak and flood. Nothing’s perfect though, they’re relatively expensive (for a switch) and if you push it more than a 10,000,000 times you might have an issue – otherwise they’re are rock solid.

One Touch

Using our lights is simple – hold the button down for ON; hold the button down OFF. When ON, A quick push & release of the button cycles between HIGH, MEDIUM and LOW.