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…by simply eliminating failure points, UWLD came up with possibly the most simple array of underwater lights on the planet, yet managed to compact serious state of the art technology in a small black delrin box. Through-the-hull-charging, thermal security,Piezo technology, NSA compliance, ultralight, modular and sexy. See full review

Ben Reymenants

The Wetmules dive team have been enthusiastic test divers for the UWLD video light and primary light range. We now have invested in a swag of the video lights for documenting our exploration of deep caves and wrecks. The world is a friendlier place at 200m when it is lit well! Thanks guys!

Richard Harris

Having been using the 100V lights for the past year, I can say that they have produced a truly amazing product, reliable, simple, durable, and above all great quality light. With the modular design, these lights are travel friendly and tick off of my boxes. See full review.

Jon Shaw

When you’re 100m underwater and have only minutes to get a shot, reliability matters. For me, Light Dude products are the go choice for performance and reliability.

Damien Siviero

I have used many different primary lights and video light systems over the past twenty years of diving and nothing has compared to Light Dude.  The design and build quality are great, making them extremely robust.  The light output is better than what I have seen from anything else on the market. Once you try Light Dude, you will probably be a customer for as long as you are diving.

Don Constanza


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