Wreck Hunting in Australia

We are cave divers; I’m guessing you know that? What you may not know, is that we’re also serious about shipwrecks. Our Aussie light dude, Damien Siviero, lives in Sydney and whilst they don’t have many caves in that part of the world – they do have wrecks!

In similar conditions to the North East, these guys are doing 300ft+ dives off 22ft boats in a search for new wrecks. As an underwater photographer, Damien says “…it is work – though not bad if you can get it”. Who’s he kidding? He also said diving Bikini Atol was work, though we know proper work is building new lights!

Over the last year alone, these guys have been first to dive the WW2 shipwreck MV Limerick and found the scuttled, but lost ex-navy light cruiser HMAS Pioneer. A more recent discovery is a small tug, known as Andreas’s Wreck – thought to be the SS Yamba.

Damien uses our lights in his still and video “work”, and is pretty much our alpha tester. If it can be destroyed, he’ll figure out how. Evil salt water, bashing boat trips and general abuse of his lights and camera gear tend to highlight any problems real quick.

See more of Damien’s imagery at damiensiviero.com