Key Product Features

  • New model design considers past design to provide an update path with past UWLD generations of products
  • Electronics integration; older models are compatible with newer model electronics, whenever design parameters allow
  • No moving parts to fail or leak
  • Single button control of both on/off and light levels
  • Not affected by depth, same pressure on switch to operate it
  • No moving parts to be affected by sand and grit improving reliability
  • Eliminates one of the most common failure points
  • Latch less system is stronger and more reliable than conventional latches
  • Allows multiple O-rings to be used for redundancy
  • System does not use a thread which causes a twisting motion on the O-ring and is a common cause of seal failures
  • The thread less design eliminates the possibility of cross threading
  • Convenience; simply plug in to charge without having to remove the canister cap
  • Less wear and tear on connectors & O-rings
  • Reduces the opportunity of flooding
  • The primary lights flash six times then turns down to low allowing time to end the dive before the battery reaches the shut off point
  • The video light will flash six times to inform you of low voltage before shutting off, providing maximum burn time for video
  • Primary lights turn on at the high level then cycle to low, medium, then back to high with a simple press and release
  • Video lights turn on at the low level then move up one level for each press and release, once high is reached they will flash. Press and hold to cycle back down through each level with the light again flashing when it reaches low
  • Multiple canister cap options allow for versatility
  • Stack cap allows multiple devices to be used on one canister
  • Blanking caps allow the stack cap to be used as a single
  • Dual cap allows two devices to be used on one canister
  • Ability to quickly change out battery canisters and/or canister size
  • Both top and bottom glass O-rings seal against water intrusion
  • All penetrations have a secondary sealing method for redundancy
  • Multiple O-rings on the canister cap and other components for redundancy
  • Optional (100V head) caps make the lights corded with various gland configuration options
  • A uniform tight, full beam without hot spots, balancing the need for signaling and peripheral vision in the under water environment
  • Light patterns change underwater; dive lights can only be accurately compared when submerged in the environment in which they will be used
  • Our optics are designed for under water exploration
  • With redundancy (excludes mini), packs have separate power control boards (PCB’s) to keep light running even if a board or pack fails
  • Internal temperature sensing, if limit is reached, the lights will turn power down to low
  • All UWLD lights can be used out of the water on low
  • Locks out the piezo switch from incidental light activation when light is stowed
  • Cover clips onto the bottom of the light so it won’t be lost & is available during the dive
  • Optimized battery cell and PCB configuration allowing for a smaller canister
  • Light heads are optimized without wasted space for both heat sinking and size
  • All battery packs are certified safe
  • All battery packs are within watt hour limitations for air travel
  • All design & engineering is performed in house to rigorous standards
  • Solid Works is utilized for optimization of all designs including heat dissipation
  • In house testing results in considerable performance gain through design improvements towards heat sinking
  • Reduces damage and abrasion to cord
  • Cover will show damage or abrasion before reaching the cord saving costly repairs from water intrusion due to a cut or damaged cord
  • Quality, Responsive and Supported
  • Using a clean design slate allows us to develop innovative new products
  • We use Solid Works for all of our in house CAD design
  • We develop our own firmware instead of using “off the shelf” drivers so we don’t have unwanted features such as strobe or SOS modes
  • We engineer our products in house to minimize EMI and other common issues from using electronics under water
  • Building our own light modules allows us to uses the most current LED’s and have very high quality control

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